Baecation in this Glass-Roofed #BNHoneymoonSpot in Finland is a Definite Yes

You probably haven’t thought of Finland as your honeymoon destination, but why shouldn’t you? Finland is such a beautiful place to be in. If for any reason, this #BNHoneymoonSpot in Lapland, Finland should have you booking your ticket straight away. The glass-roofed rooms offer you a close view of the wilderness so you can take in the view of the rugged landscape and watch the beauty of the Northern light.

Location: Golden Crown – Levin Iglut,  Lapland, Finland.

Here’s something to know about Lapland according to WikiVoyage:

Finnish Lapland is the Arctic far north in Finland, strictly defined as the province of the same name, but in practice starting near the Arctic Circle. Most Finnish ski resorts are here, as well as the biggest national parks. Temperatures can plunge as low as -50°C (-60°F) in the winter and the sun is not seen for days on end during the polar night. But, summer brings out the Midnight Sun and temperatures can occasionally rise to 30°C, although summer temperatures in the 10–20°C (50–70°F) range are mostly the norm. July is the warmest month.


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