Enjoy this Dreamy White #BNHoneymoonSpot in Mykonos

Greece is definitely a place to visit and have your honeymoon!

I know you can already envision the white dreamy view then you know it is a place worth visiting. Asides from the famous Santorini Island, there are more places to love. This beautiful white dreamy #BNHoneymoonSpot in Mykonos, Greece is one place that attracts many tourists. If you are thinking beaches, mountains and a feel of the coast for your honeymoon with the love of your life, then you should pin this spot down.

Location: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, Greece

Here’s something to know about this #BNHoneymoonSpot according to WikiVoyage:

Mykonos is a popular tourist destination in the Greek islands of the Cyclades group, situated in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is located south of Tinos, east of Syros and north of Paros and Naxos. Mykonos is famed as a cosmopolitan destination amongst the Greek islands and widely recognised as one of the great travel meccas. It is one of the most visited islands in the Aegean. This means that visitors should be prepared for loud dance clubs, English breakfasts and overpriced merchandise. Mykonos, along with Santorini, is more expensive than other Greek islands.


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