Enjoy a Lakeside Baecation in this #BNHoneymoonSpot in Bellagio

We know that many couples look forward to their honeymoon. So it makes sense to start looking up possible location before the time as this will help make the planning easier.

We went through and discovered this beautiful honeymoon spot in Bellagio, Italy. Just think about a beautiful place to chill with your forever love right on a lake. You’d be snuggled between the still waters of the lake and the stunning skies. It is a perfect blend of nature and luxury all in one place.

Location: Hotel Belvedere Bellagio, Italy.

Here’s what you should know about this #BNHoneymoonSpot according to WikiVoyage:

Bellagio is a city in Lombardy, Italy, situated at the picturesque junction of the three legs of Lake Como. Many celebrities are known to pass through this small Italian town. This fame has become somewhat of a point of pride and some stores display pictures of famous people who have passed through. The name of the town and some of its looks are used by the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.


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