This Bridesmaid & Groomsman Definitely Understood the Assignment

Is it really an African wedding if the day doesn’t include some pure old fun? We doubt! 😅 When you think of African weddings, you’re sure to picture all the fun and excitement on that day and why not? It’s a celebration of love after all. 🤭

This Ghanaian wedding represented fully with fun and excitement. At the forefront, were this amazing duo – the bridesmaid and groomsman. After the beautiful couple had said their “I do” it was time for the dancefloor to come alive and it did! We can definitely say that this bridesmaid and groomsman got the entire memo and came ready. Their energy was simply on 100% as they dropped sleek moves on the dancefloor. The synergy and vibes were totally on point. Their excitement was totally contagious and we couldn’t help but join in. We bet you’ll be moving in sync as you watch this video with your face full of smiles.

Enjoy the video below:

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