Ayobami Stole Olukunle’s Heart in Church! Enjoy Their Vibrant Yoruba Trad

Have you ever met someone who stole your heart instantly? This is the magic of love and it happened the first time Olukunle set eyes on Ayobami.

Soon enough, an opportunity came for them to have their first conversation and as a tactical guy, Olukunle spared no chance in shooting his shot! They became friends and now, they get to spend the rest of their lives together! They had a traditional wedding where they repped their Yoruba roots with finesse. From the glamorous looks to the rich display of culture, their wedding was indeed one for the books! You’ll fall in love with each frame s you scroll.

Enjoy their traditional wedding and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Olukunle:

It was love at first sight! I met Ayobami in my church (Harvesters) during ‘Wine Press’. I looked at the beauty and I was like “Fine girls like this serve JESUS”. I’m opportune to be a church leader so I stood behind, observing how things were during the program. Unknown to me, she was admiring the fine boy. I didn’t speak to her that day because I just felt she wouldn’t be single. Fast forward to months after, I had just finished a meeting in church and I came out to see her speaking to one of the church leaders and I was like “This babe again!”

Can’t get over the elegance of Ayobami’s look!

What first attracted me to her that day again was the fact that everyone complimented either my height or my fragrance or how I looked that day… But this babe acted like a non-living thing was standing next to her. I told myself ‘This babe will be my friend eventually.’ I got her details from the leader, tried reaching her for a few months and eventually, she picked up Olukunle B’s call. We grew from friends to lovers and the rest they say is history. Cheers to more dry jokes! I love you regardless.

Talk about a stunning squad

Let’ check out the dapper groom!

A perfect blend of love and culture!


Let’s take a look at the decor details before we begin!

Give way to the dapper groom!

Time to pay respect the Yoruba trad way!

Now, we await the bride!

Did someone say, gorgeous bride?

A sending forth to the groom’s family

It’s a warm welcome!

Ayobami has a befitting fila for her sweetheart!

Joined together for life!

A celebration of a beautiful union!

The second outfit slay we signed up for!


Lovebirds coming through in style!

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love!

Cake as sweet as our love…

Here’s to happy ever after!


Makeup: @mosewabeauty_
Bridal assistant@thebridalaux
Videography: @lanreeshofilms

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