A Thrilling First Date Set The Pace For Benedicta & Alex’s Ever After! Enjoy Their Ghanaian Trad

What’s not to love about culture, especially when it has to do with the celebration of love? Today, we get to enjoy a beautiful display of Ghanaian culture as Benedicta and Alex tie the knot the trad way.

Having met during a pandemic, their sweet love stood strong and blossomed beautifully. From wild date nights to romantic dinners, these sweethearts knew it was meant to be and are now on to a happy ever after! They had their Ghanaian traditional wedding in Massachusetts, USA and it was nothing short of colourful.

Everything about their wedding was simply beautiful. From their traditional Kente outfits to the cultural accessories and the dowry presentation, we can say these lovebirds brought Ghana to the USA. Benedicta looked absolutely gorgeous and Alex came through repping! We are in love with their trad wedding photos and the beautiful love that they share. Their photos will certainly add colour to your day.

Enjoy their beautiful traditional wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Benedicta

Alex and I met in March 2020 during the beginning stages of the COVID pandemic. Our first date was a wild night. We started off at an Italian restaurant, but neither of us wanted the night to end, so we drove to another town for ice cream, and a ‘speak easy’. Still not wanting the night to end, we drove to a beer garden and stayed until they shut the lights out.

The bride is all set for her big day…

Unfortunately, Massachusetts declared a complete shutdown right after our first date, but that didn’t stop us from exploring our love. Alex got creative for our second date and turned himself into a master chef, and made the best pasta carbonara I have ever had. Maybe that’s really when I fell in love. Fast forward to a few months, meals and conversations, We were falling in love, travelling the world, meeting each other’s families and mutually supporting each other in our careers.

Now, let’s take a look at our dapper groom…

On July 2nd 2022, he took my little nieces and I to a beach in Newport, Rhode Island, went down on one knee and said something like this ‘…Benedicta we complement and support each other so well- in love, in business, in spirituality – and I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?’ ‘YES!…YES…Yes of course’ I said (jumping around and screaming in excitement). I said YES to the man who lights up my world!

Set to do this the trad way!

Let the ceremony begin with the dowry presentation…

Here comes the bride…

Now Mr & Mrs

What’s a wedding without some fun moves?

Soulmates for life!



Bride: @dicta_xo
Groom: @abookboundlife
Photography: @kulgio
Videography: @alphamediastudios
Bride’s makeup: @misspamhairandbeauty
Bride’s hair: @misspamhairandbeauty
Bridesmaids makeup: @obaabee
Bride & groom’s kente: @kenteklosetgh
Bride and bridesmaids fans: @kenteklosetgh
Bridesmaids fascinator: @6thsensemillinery
Bride’s dress: @houseofpaon
Catering: @accragirls
Groom & groomsmen outfit: @urbangreygh
Groom’s accessories: @ahenfietraditionaltouch
Gift bearers & Dowry wrapping: @ahenfietraditionaltouch

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