Experience a Rare Bridal Cosmic Moment With The SS25 Eclipse Collection by Berta

True love is indeed special and can be rare to find. However, when you find it, it is almost impossible to ignore the impact it will have on you.

Design brand Berta likens true love to the profound nature of the full eclipse and draws inspiration for its new collection therein. Shot during the full solar eclipse, this collection aims to take a once in a lifetime occasion and make it as memorable as possible. With fabrics that speak out and shine bright, The SS25 Eclipse Collection is all about brides being unapologetically genuine to self  for one cosmic moment in their lifetime.

Here’s how the design brand describes the collection:

The House of BERTA is honored to introduce a collection that is filled with mystery, yet is the epitome of owning one’s power. Shot in the iconic upper west side of NYC during the full solar eclipse, these two coincidences were not met by chance. This was rather a perfectly synced collision that had long inspired the creation of the new BERTA Couture Eclipse collection. As the house’s sole designer draws inspiration from new fabrics, Berta wanted to take this once in a lifetime occasion and let those fabrics speak out and shine bright. Designing the S/S25 Couture collection has become a thing of power, beauty and existence. When asked what kind of love the BERTA Eclipse collection embodies – it is fragile, yet fierce. It is unconventional in the most traditional of ways, it goes beyond time and space. It is the kind of love one aspires to have for eternity. Much like the full eclipse only visits the exact same spot on planet earth every 4 centuries – It is rare. If you see it or feel it, if you are lucky enough to experience it – It is simply not possible to turn a blind eye; to let it slip through your fingers and pass unseen. Much like in the natural phenomenon, when everything comes together to one single moment of magic, right before the sun is completely covered and it seems as if the light is about to burst and become greater than ever before; The new collection is about finding your perfect shadow, that will complement, help you light up and shine in the most unexpected of ways. As rare of a sight it is, as one steps in the new Spring Summer 2025 Couture collection, they will feel empowered, elevated and in their element. BERTA Eclipse is for the unapologetic genuine self who dreams of being bigger than life, for one cosmic moment in her lifetime.



Stylist @berta

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