It’s #TheBDLoveAffair! Enjoy Bukola & Doyin’s Yoruba Trad

Today, we’re all about #TheBDloveaffair! You already know how giddy we get with weddings and right now, we’re bursting with excitement as we take in the colours and beauty of Bukola and Doyin’s traditional engagement.

Bukola and Doyin tied the knot traditionally, following the beautiful Yoruba culture and it was a burst of colours, happiness and love. Bukola was an elegant Yoruba bride in her Dazzling Asooke and Doyin came through as a proper Yoruba angel. #TheBDloveaffair was nothing short of beautiful and it’s so easy to tell how in love the sweethearts are. You certainly want to savour every moment of their traditional engagement. Their civil wedding was also a beauty to behold.

Enjoy Bukola and Doyin’s trad photos below.

Let’s also check out Doyin getting prepped for the big moment…

Love, sweet love! 😍

Now it’s time for the ceremony!

Let the joining begin!

Make way for the groom!

Here comes the bride!

Bukola finds her man!

Of course, celebrating with the cutting of the cake!

After the show, comes the after-party!

Uber-talented singer, Ruger doing his thing with the fine sounds!

Cheers to a love that lasts forever!



Photography: @tosinjoshweddings
Planner: @eventories
Decor: @royalprofileevents
Bride’s Outfit: @bandoraonline
Groom’s Outfit:@kimonokollection


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