Cakes by Tosan Launches New & Vibrant “Ember” Wedding Cake Collection In Legendary Fashion; Available To Order From Today!

Pioneer, veteran cake maker and industry specialist, Tosan Jemide, releases a new and affordable collection of wedding and luxury cakes, called the “Ember” Collection. In true Cakes By Tosan fashion, the collection shows glitz, glamour and innovation, representing the nature of true craftsmanship in the industry.

With over 30 years of experience and 22 years as a CEO, Tosan Jemide continues to lead and innovate in the confectionery and baker’s industry. Although he retired from active cake-making a few years ago, Tosan Jemide still remains at the helm of creative exploration and development. The Cake Maestro, alongside his excellent team, has choreographed these masterpieces to perfection. He leaves no stone unturned and every couple wants something he’s got to offer.

Having made wedding cakes for the likes of Former President Musa Yar-Adua’s son  & daughter; Bella Adenuga and several others, Cakes By Tosan’s client list is as diverse as his talent. Tosan Jemide is no stranger to providing first-class quality services to top-ranking individuals across the country. As a legacy brand and through this collection, Cakes By Tosan is repositioning itself by making wedding cakes for the children of its clients from up to 20 years ago. This has key industry figures and event planners very excited to have this enviable brand as part of their bouquet of services again.

The new Cakes By Tosan website is set to launch this month and will feature a lookbook of this new collection. While there is no one-size-fits-all, the Cake Maestro has definitely managed to make as many sizes available in this dreamy new collection.

Check out the cakes from the Ember Collection below.

All cakes in the “Ember” Cake Collection are available for every couple to choose from today. Enquire now!



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