From Friends To Lovers! Enjoy Christianah and Temi’s Intimate Civil Wedding

Have you ever met someone whose personality simply intrigues you? For Christianah and Temi, the more they got to learn about each other, the deeper they fell in love!

They met while studying in Canada and formed an inseparable bond. Now, this bond has led them to forever as they seal their love in an intimate civil wedding ceremony. Christianah rocked her chic dress elegantly and Temi made a super suave groom. These two are head over heels in love and it is glaring in all their photos. They make such a cute couple and we are absolutely rooting for the lovebirds as they embark on this forever journey.

Enjoy their civil wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Christianah:

I met Temi during my first year in Canada. I found him to be witty, funny and smart. We started talking and he soon became one of my favourite friends. He was so easy to talk to, and we realized we had similar values and backgrounds and before we knew it, our friendship grew strong over the years. As years went by, he opened up about his life, studied in the library together in university, cracked all the jokes and before I knew it I liked him even though I denied it initially. We started dating years & now years after, I can say I married my best friend. I believe God sent him into my life at that point and I’m so grateful for the period of our friendship and relationship.

Christianah made such a gorgeous bride!

Their love story as shared by Temi:

Christianah and I met in Canada, we went to different universities but lived in the same city. What initially struck me about Christianah other than her obvious beauty was how direct she was as a person, she had this quality of saying the wildest thing without missing a beat and that was intriguing for someone political like me. For a while, we remained friends that spoke infrequently. Some time later, our friendship really flourished, we spoke a lot more and both felt an unusual comfort and ease when we spoke to each other. I admired her directness, ambition and how smart she was. Shortly after, we started dating and that’s undeniably the best decision I’ve ever made, the rest as they say is history. Over the years, we’ve bonded on a lot of things including our love for travelling and food. We’ve visited several cities and countries together across different continents. It might be difficult to find 2 personalities more different than ours but that’s what makes it beautiful and makes us best friends.

Check out the dapper groom!

All set for the big day!

Time to seal the deal!

Sealed with a kiss!

Here’s to happy ever after!

Bride: @christianahyourrealtor
Bow: @chic.bridals
Makeup: @deebeautyartistry
Photography: @tiltintripod

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