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This Bridal Look is Princess Perfect

Every bride has one goal for her big day: to look completely beautiful not just for her groom but also for herself. Hence, the wish that the makeover, dress, and every other thing falls into place and fulfills her dream. This bridal look was inspired by the graceful and elegant looks worthy of a princess.

The makeup artist, Ashley of Ladies Treat shares a bit on this look:

Captured in the super buzzing and fashion-forward city of Lagos, this bridal shoot sort to work with recent bridal trends such as neutral flawlessly crisp looks with a blend of elegant beauty. These are further depicted in the accentuated crown which is beautified with several diamantés and the lace bridal dress depicting tradition, class, and style.

Belle: @kbsmodels
Makeup: @ladies_treat
Hair: @marieghold
Accessories: @michigabbi
Photography: @otisoutlierstudio

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