This Groom Hyping His Bride is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

There are many things we love about love but one thing we can never get enough of is seeing couples in their elements… unreservedly basking in the sweetness of love.

This Igbo groom is so smitten by his bride and it’s so beautiful to see. The moment he saw her step out looking all glammed up, he went ahead to gas her up without holding back. The moment he removed his cap and threw it on the floor was a highlight. The gorgeous bride couldn’t stop blushing and it was just sweet to see how this goofy groom put a smile on his baby girl’s face. You’ll certainly be watching this video more than once.

Enjoy the video below and catch more trending videos here.

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    Loveth ukamaka
    December 6, 2023 at 4:17 PM

    So lovely 😍

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