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“I was just happy to be there for my friend” – Fola Shares Her #DiaryOfABellaNaijaBridesmaid

Editor’s Note: It’s no news how much we love weddings! A very integral part of this grand day is friendship and community. Alongside the palpable love that lovebirds share, the excitement of their friends also adds so much colour to the big day – which is why, this holiday season, we’re choosing to highlight a special set of stars who bring colour to the big day – Bridesmaids!

In our very first episode, the beautiful Fola (Fola of Lagos) is not the briiiideee, she’s the bride’s university best friend! And she tells us how being one of her bridesmaids was a big honour. Enjoy! 

Makeup: @araniglam Dress: @luxe_by_mipor

How many times have you been a bridesmaid?


What do you think is the major role of a bridesmaid?

To be there for the bride, basically emotionally supporting the bride at all times throughout the wedding planning and ceremony.

What’s the highest amount of money you’ve spent as a bridesmaid? Give us a breakdown

So if I include transportation and logistics, it’s over 500k.

Asoebi material and bridesmaids material – 63k

Sewing – 100k (50k each)

Make up – 50k ( 25k each day)

Hair and nails – 90k

Accessories (jewellery, purse, shoes) – 150k

Hotel was 120k

Logistics to Osogbo and back was 140k. Miscellaneous let’s say 50-70k

Fola stuns in purple for her #AsoEbiBella look

Do you have any tips on being a bridesmaid on a budget?

Planning helps a lot, like immediately my friend told me about it. I started sorting out everything involved before then so it didn’t compile and choke me up. Aside from clothing and glam, transportation, accommodation and feeding were a lot because the wedding wasn’t in Lagos. So I had a to-do list and checked it out, So I’d say plan a lot.

What is your favourite thing about being a bridesmaid?

The honour of being there for my friend. From the moment she asked me, I felt so important and it was an honour to be there to help. I felt so included, she took me every step of the way and I was just happy someone considered me that reliable.

Don’t we just love thoughtful friends? Bridesmaids’ proposals are so cute, it should totally become a thing! Fola goes on to share her most memorable experience. Continue reading…

What is your most memorable experience as a bridesmaid?

My university best friend got married in September and I was part of the bridal team, it was hands down a moment of my life, the other one I was still pretty young, I was in University so my parents covered everything, it was my cousin’s wedding so I wasn’t so involved because the rest of them were way older than me. My friend’s wedding was amazing, right from when she asked, the group chat we were in. I was familiar with some of the other babes but not all, we all bonded and made it a big deal. We planned together and did everything together. The bridal shower was equally awesome. We surprised our friend and she loved every bit of it. At the main wedding, we were very involved, and we were prompt and didn’t disappoint her. I’m so happy she felt our presence throughout and we didn’t let her down. A time was had!!!!

Any bad bridesmaid experience? Tell us about it.

No. I don’t have any bad experiences, the other one it wasn’t bad, I was just not as included as others because I was younger than them but it was still a good experience.

Did you enjoy this episode as much as we did? We bet your answer is a solid yes. 🤭 Be sure to check back next Saturday by 4:00 PM WAT for the next episode!

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