Every Bride Needs Bridesmaids Like Maryann Who Will Be There Come Rain or Sun! #DiaryOfABellaNaijaBridesmaid

Editor’s Note: It’s no news how much we love weddings! A very integral part of this grand day is friendship and community. Alongside the palpable love that lovebirds share, the excitement of their friends also adds so much colour to the big day – which is why, this holiday season, we’re choosing to highlight a special set of stars who bring colour to the big day – Bridesmaids!

It’s one thing to accept being a bridesmaid because you love the bride. It’s another thing to love being a bridesmaid. Where the ultimate magic happens is the fine spot in the middle where you love the bride and absolutely cherish the idea of being a bridesmaid. It is in this sweet spot, that we found the beautiful Maryann who has been a bridesmaid more than 6 times and enjoyed every one of those experiences. Today, she tells us all about the duty, love and fun that comes with being a bridesmaid. Enjoy! 

How many times have you been a bridesmaid?

I’ve been a bridesmaid 6 times (or more).

What do you think is the major role of a bridesmaid?

Bridesmaids, to me, are literally the ginger to every bride. They are there to make the bride’s day super special, support her emotionally and give her all the hype she needs to get through and enjoy the day.

What’s the highest amount of money you’ve spent as a bridesmaid? Give us a breakdown

Hmm… I would say #710, 000

I bought a new hair for the purpose of the wedding which cost about 245k.

Hair Installation – 35K

Makeup – 45K

Fabric –  50k

Outfit – 65k

Nails- 25K

Shoes – 35k

Lashes – 25k

Flight to and fro Delta state – 145k

Hotel expenses – 85k

Maryann is the Envy in Green for her #AsoEbiBella look

Do you have any tips on being a bridesmaid on a budget?

Girl… If you can’t do it,don’t accept it – I bet your account balance understands. 😂
But if the bride means soo much to you and you really want to be there for her ,make a budget and work with it. You don’t have to break the bank – there are soo many good designers (that are not on Instagram) that you can work with, use an affordable makeup artist.
If the bride has no provision for hotel for her girls, PREP FROM HOME. You don’t have to get a hotel unless it’s outside your state (which takes us back to my first point). 😉

What is your favourite thing about being a bridesmaid?

I think the cutest thing about being a bridesmaid is glamming up and looking like an assistant bride. 😂 Secondly, the fact that you’re automatically a VIP @ the event. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that “bridesmaid tag” (attire) is more like access card to every corner aside from the brides seat. Damn, I love being a bridesmaid! 😻

They say it takes a village to make a happy bride and they sure didn’t lie! Nothing beats having the most amazing people in your corner, making sure that no matter the inconveniences that arise on your special day, you still have the most beautiful one. Maryann shares her most memorable bridesmaid experience with us. Continue reading…

What is your most memorable experience as a bridesmaid?

The most memorable day for me as a bridesmaid would be my sister’s wedding day. It was an open hall event. It wasn’t during the rainy season and the rain wasn’t expected to fall. But it just so happened that day, that it started to rain before the event fully started. My sister was in the car, crying – we didn’t know what to do. Everyone was in the tents waiting for the rain to die down but it wasn’t happening. All of a sudden – as if we all just caught the same vibe – all the bridesmaids just went under the rain to do our thing. The MC joined us. My sister realized “Okayyy… my girls are here, this is my day. We have to party”. We reminded my sister we were there for her and the rain wasn’t going to stop us.  And the event just went on. The rain eventually stopped much later into the event. It was just a very memorable day. It was different from the usual and I can never forget it. I know the bride can never either. That’s why I think it’s very important for every bride to make sure that her bridesmaids are her people. People that would be there for her come rain come sun!

Any bad bridesmaid experience? Tell us about it.

Hmm. I don’t think I have any bad bridesmaid experience because I don’t up bridesmaid duties for random people. It’s usually close friends and family who are worth any stress. So, no bad experiences, just the usual stress that comes with weddings.

Did you enjoy this episode as much as we did? We bet your answer is a solid yes. 🤭 Be sure to check back next Saturday by 4:00 PM WAT for the next episode!

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