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Regal Edo Brides-to-be will Def Love this Beauty Look + Unique Take on The Red Wrapper

The beauty of our culture is clearly seen during the traditional wedding from the decor to the food and most of all to the outfits the bride and groom wear. That’s why these days, brides no longer take the cultural look for granted knowing that it represents their style and also their roots (we love).

Knowing this, we have decided to play our parts by bringing you inspiring looks and features to help you. Today’s beauty look is from the ever amazing makeup artist of Glamdrop Beauty team giving us this regal Edo bridal look.


Here’s how she described the overall look:

It is a regal Edo bridal inspiration for our intending Edo brides. We decided to move away from the usual Edo wrapper and opted for a blinged out dress. And for the makeup, it is a smoked out eyeshadow with a touch of glitters and of course a nude lip.



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