Ezinne & Mike’s Nigerian-Ghanaian Trad Was a Magical Burst of love, Colours and Fun!

At this point, we’ve got to agree that Nigeria and Ghana make such a perfect team… especially when it comes to love!  😍 Ezinne and Mike gave us that sweet fusion of cultures with their traditional wedding and we can’t get enough!

The Nigerian beauty found her Ghanaian prince charming and they both chose to go the forever route. They tied the knot traditionally and it was a burst of love, colours and fun! They repped their cultures with so much finesse and it was so beautiful to see. Every moment from the exciting first look to their pumped reception will have you grinning wide! Trust us, you’ll be glued to your screen as you watch.

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography @mikeokaforfilms

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