Take in Every Bit of J’Dess & Onyeka’s Traditional Wedding & Their Love Story

Let’s talk about how love works! Okay, scratch that, love happens in so many different ways, that it’s impossible to settle on just one. What we do know is that it is truly beautiful and when it’s meant to, it happens! J’Dess and Onyeka are yet another proof that love does its thing, at its time and in the most beautiful ways! 🤭

Gifted singer, J’Dess met the love of her life, Onyeka on a plane ride home. What seemed like a coincidentally empty seat, was actually Onyeka making sure that the seat was secured specially for her. How did that sweet moment lead to a forever journey? Onyeka shares it all with us (enjoy it all as you scroll).

Their beautiful love story is certainly not the only thing we’re enjoying today. The love birds got traditionally hitched in a colourful Igbo wedding and we’re taking in all the beauty and colour of culture and love. Repping the Igbo culture to the max, the couple came through with regal elegance and style. Everything about this union has us super excited. You definitely want to take it all in yourself.

Enjoy their radiant traditional wedding photos below. Also, check out their white wedding and J’Dess’ side of the story, here.

Their love story as shared by Onyeka:

This story actually begins a few weeks prior, when I was booking a 5-day trip to Abuja for a 2-day exam, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I arrived in Abuja on the 17th of April, 2018 to prepare for and take the Nigerian Medical Board Licensing Exam which was to take place on the 18th and 19th.

I didn’t really have much else to do for the extra 2 days. But I also didn’t know my life was going to be changed forever on my departure day! The date is April 22! I’m ready to board my Lagos bound flight back home which took some time to be ready.

Then for the officials to ask us to disregard our designated seating and just choose whatever seat we wanted. Yours truly, being a window seat lover, aptly went for the first available one and settled in. Barely 3 minutes later, for some reason, I looked out the window and saw a lady dressed in black and thought to myself, “wow she’s pretty… I never sit next to pretty girls on the plane.”

So, I decided I was going to make sure she sat next to me but didn’t know how. I then proceeded to take my bag down from the overhead and place it on the seat next to mine, to stave away any other potential seat partners. I coughed and sneezed as people passed by, I didn’t think my plan would work but then I saw her get on the plane.

She was the very last person on. I made eye contact and smiled then promptly took my bag and placed it back in the overhead as if to say, “this seat’s yours”. It worked! I couldn’t believe it but it did! As the flight went on, I leaned over and asked, “are you coming from or going home?”

That was the line that would change the course of my life. We chatted all through the flight. She told me she wasn’t even meant to be on that flight, that she was on the trip with a friend and their return flight had only one available seat which her friend took. Unbelievable!

Onyeka is all suave and ready!

For some reason unknown to me to this day, it didn’t occur to me to ask for her number when we were leaving. I did tell her I’d find her though…that much I was confident about. I found her that night on social media and sent her a message but didn’t get a response until 6 weeks later.

The beautiful bride making her first appearance… 😍

We then exchanged numbers and took it from there. We took the time to get to know each other but it didn’t take long for me to know this was it…I’d found her!

J’Dess was a dazzling lady in red for her second appearance! 🤭

The story is amazing for several reasons: Firstly, I didn’t need to be in Abuja for as long as I was. Then, what were the odds of the flight seating being random? Also, we would never have been on the same flight if her other option wasn’t fully booked. It was as if the universe was making sure we would meet each other.

For her wine carrying ceremony, J’dess was an elegant bride through and through!

J’dess going to get her man in line with the Igbo culture.



Bride: @officialjdess
Groom: @onyekaobilo
Photography/Videography: @mtouchweddings
Decor: @whitemagicnig
Bride’s Red Dress: @styl_conscious
2nd Dress@darabina_
3rd Dress: @nlecha_clothings
Gele: @sommysgele
Makeup: @ellastella_artistry

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