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It Was Love At First Sight For Carlos!? #CarliFer19

Truly, you can never tell where, when or how you will meet the love of your life no matter how much you think of it.

The #CarliFer19 love story is evidence to this and can be summarized in four words- ‘love at first sight’ and if you’ve never believed in love at first sight, you’ll surely have a rethink after reading their story.

The groom-to-be, Carlos, tells his story of how he fell in love with his bride-to-be, Jennifer, the very first time he saw her. They started dating two weeks after they initially met although they didn’t know each other before then and to put the icing on the cake, they got engaged two years later?.

The #CarliFer19 love story is definitely worth the read and we’re happily counting down to their big day with them. You should check out our other beautiful love stories here.

Here’s how Carlos shares the story:

I had decided to visit a particular church for the first time on a beautiful Sunday morning. Driving out of the premises after the service, Jenny walked past my car into the many masses to pick her nephew from the children’s service. I decided to park and follow her, but I lost sight as she had mingled with the masses. I asked a few people if they had seen a lady in this beautiful wrapped natural hair but none of them had sighted her. I decided to let go and puruse the following Sunday. On the following day at work, I took a lunch break and opened my Instagram to observe the daily trends. I scrolled down my timeline and there she was, my first suggested friend. Thanks to Instagram. LOL.


I immediately sent her a message and she replied. We kept chatting as though we had known each other for ages. I asked to meet her up right after work and to my surprise she lived 15 minutes away from my home. We kept talking and seeing each other for the next 2 weeks. Her smile, humor, connection, loving aura got me thinking if I should wait any longer in asking her to be my girlfriend. I asked and she agreed.

Two years down the line my love grew even stronger, Jenny decided to organize a surprise birthday dinner for me with both our mutual friends invited. Little did she know I had the biggest surprise for the day. After a great meal with some awesome desserts, she looked at me with that beautiful smile that triggered my knee to the ground in asking her to be the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.



Bride-to-be: @naa_reza
Groom-to-be: @carlosbonte
Photography: @sorce_photography
Planner: @sproutaffair
Makeup: @eba_baby

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