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Want to Stand Out on Your Trad? Check Out This Beauty Look!

Every bride has got to have that “special sauce” that makes her stand out on her big day. As a bride, you know it’s all eyes on you and as such, you’ve gotta put on a show, especially with your looks!

We’ve got this bridal beauty look to give you that spark you want for your big day slay. The glam by Cherry Makeovers is a sweet blend of soft and alluring. We’re so in love with the stylish Gele by George Snip. The black and yellow Asooke is also giving elegance and class. If you’ve yet to settle on a look for your big day, then here you have it.

Check out the photos below and be sure to share your thoughts with us.



Photography: @kamaniphotography for @kamaniweddings
Makeup: @dcherrymakeovers
Gele: @georgesnip
Asooke: @bubel_alasooke
Jewellery: @exquisitelooksng

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