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Go Green & Glam on Your Trad With This Beauty Look!

Hey there, gorgeous bride-to-be! As you already know, we’re always rooting for you and as always, we’ve got something you’ll totally love!

We’ve got this traditional bridal beauty look that speaks class and style. David’s Touch came through with the flawless face beat that has us drooling. We’re absolutely in love with the multi-layered Gele and how it accentuates the beauty of cultural heritage. The monotone Green Asooke blends so smoothly with the subtle hints of Gold to exude an exquisite traditional elegance. If your trad is on the way and you haven’t settled on a look yet, then here you have it! Click here for more bridal beauty looks.

Check out the photos below and share your thoughts with us.



Makeup @davidstouch_
Gele @khernys_touch
Belle @lobace_models
Asooke @juhmmieysinnovation
Photography @_kam.mo_

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