A Friend Shared Lesoda’s Contact With Bruno – Enjoy the #LBForever Edo-Igbo Trad!

All thanks to a mutual friend who played cupid, we’ve got another super sweet love story starring Lesoda and Bruno! Now, what started out as a matchmaking attempt has led to a perfect fairytale! 😍

As true children of the soil, Lesoda and Bruno tied the knot in a vibrant traditional wedding. They fully represented their Edo and Igbo cultures respectively and their wedding came with so much colour, love and happiness. They showed up in their glamorous outfits, complementing each other beautifully. The #LBForever wedding was indeed one for the books… take in all the beauty as you scroll.

Enjoy their wedding photos below:

Their love story as shared by Bruno:

Our love story started on this wonderful day when a friend called saying he would like to introduce me  to a friend and colleague at work. He told me they were colleagues at work and wanted me to have an open mind towards her. My default setting would be not to reach out, knowing she is not based in Lagos. However, I did and we became friends. We would speak and chat daily and this happened for a couple of months, till we finally met on the 12th day of May 2021 on my trip to Abuja. Lesoda came to pick me up from the hotel and at first sight of her, I knew I had found my wife.

Did someone say gorgeous bride?

There was something different about her which gave me all the confidence I needed to forge ahead. Fast forward to December 2021, we travelled to Zanzibar on our first holiday together. I grumbled most of the trip as Lesoda loves tourist’ activities, while I just wanted to chill and visit new spots to have a good time. However, I have come to terms with it that her tourist activities MUST be a priority on our holidays. Four months after our trip which was April 2022, I was on a trip to Abuja we hung out with her friends I pulled her bestie to the side telling her about my plans to propose to her. I showed her pictures of different engagement rings I found online, and of course, Annette was excited and full of drama.

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Fast forward to December 2022, we had planned a holiday for Paris, Rome and Milan. Now the big question was where I would pop the question and what city would it be. I settled for the 31st of December and planned it was going to happen a few minutes into the new year and coincidentally it happened we would be in Milan on that day. Lesoda always handles our itinerary, planning our proposal was not a walk in the park. The hotel was having a new year eve party and booked a special table for us. At exactly 11:45pm, I went down on one knee and asked the most special lady in my life to marry me. I am excited about the future with the blessed Christian woman the Lord has blessed me with. God saved the best for me.

Serving love and beauty 😍

Lesoda is one stylish bride 😍

Give way for the gorgeous bride 😍

What’s a celebration without cake?

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love!

It’s after-party o’clock!

It’s all fun from here!


Bride: @lesoda
Planner: @madame__dubois
Wedding robe: @mauchio_kutz
Bride’s outfit: @mazellebridal
Groom’s Outfit: @ugomonye.official
Photography: @bighstudios
Videography: @nategeinus01
Makeup: @jideofstola
Hairstylist: @hairbyehis

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