Lola and Esosa’s Yoruba-Edo Trad is all the Colour Your Day Needs!

Today, we’re all about Lola and Esosa!  After establishing a friendship during a fun trip, the lovebirds are now officially one. Of course, we’re super thrilled for them!

They tied the knot in a colourful Yoruba-Edo trad where they repped their roots in such a beautiful way. They started their special day with the Yoruba ceremony which required Esosa and his family to come seek for the hands of the beautiful Lola in marriage. After they were pronounced husband and wife, Lola changed into her Edo attire to show that she had been married into a new tribe. It was such a delight to see this smooth blend of culture and we bet you will fall in love with every frame as you scroll.

Enjoy their tradional wedding photos below:

Lola is all set for her big day!

Esosa is ready to get his bride!

It’s trad o’clock!

The groom’s family are here to present the proposal letter

Time for the Idobale as the Yoruba culture demands

Now, we await the bride 😍

Grand entrance for the gorgeous bride 😍

A warm welcome from the groom’s family 😍

A befitting fila for the groom!

One big happy family!

Time to rep the Edo culture!

Here’s to happy ever after! ❤️


Makeup: @seekemua

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