Newcastle Came Alive With all the Colours From Mayowa & Sam’s Trad

We absolutely love traditional weddings! Now, one beautiful thing about colour is how it follows us everywhere! Mayowa and Sam got traditionally hitched in Newcastle and they represented the Yoruba culture to the fullest.

These lovers have given us so much to drool over, from their super sweet #BNBling moment to their pre-wedding shoot and love story. Now, we also get to enjoy all the beauty from their wedding. Following the Yoruba customs, Sam and his people sought the hand of the beautiful Mayowa from her family and it was an all so beautiful affair. We don’t need a soothsayer to tell how much fun they had and how much love filled the air from these photos. Love is such a beautiful thing and the #Soyinlove21 couple are giving us a full dose! You should also check out their white wedding photos here.

Enjoy the #Soyinlove21 traditional engagement photos below.

Let’s check out Sam and his squad…

Time for Mayowa and his squad to come for his bride!

Make way for the bride…

For their second outing, Mayowa and Sam rocked their gorgeous black lace.



Planner: @manolaluxeweddings
Bridal makeup: @lizkoyamakeup
Asooke: @shadiat_alasooke
Second outfit: @riaatelierofficial
Photography: @zealphotographyuk
Videography: @ichomedia
Decor: @dshizzleevents
Catering: @thehouseofjollof
Live band: @sojialayo


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