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We Won’t Forget These 3 Quotes by Blessing Adesiyan at the #NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering on Partners in Parenting

Did you join the NewlyNearly Virtual Gathering by Golden Penny and BellaNaija Weddings?

If you did, thank you for joining and if you didn’t, that’s alright. Our speakers came through with their super strong points on their individual topics and we thought to share them with you.

We promised to talk about modern-day parenting as we understand that parenting is a major deal and we believe that there’s a lot to learn and unlearn. So we came through with the formidable Blessing Adesiyan of Mother Honestly, a platform that is reimagining how women build better careers and happier homes. She shared helpful ways, tips and facts on Partners in Partnership: Building an Intentional Home.

She also left us with a digital gift to share with you, so go ahead and download yours, just click here. So here are three quotes from her session that we won’t forget easily.

If you believe that building your desired home is possible, then you should check out this quote from Blessing:

 “Building a home from the ground up takes work, patience, sacrifice, transparency and more”

When it comes to parenting, it is not an individual job but a partnership. The quote below totally explains how to be partners in parenting while building a career.

Share parental load to accommodate ambition and career.

If raising intentional global kids is important to you, then you definitely want to see this quote from Blessing.

When it comes to rasing intentional kids; identify your family main values, consider what skills, experiences and knowledge you want your child/children to leave home with.

In the long run, what will matter is how intentional you and your partner are in building the home that you both desire and raising global intentional kids. If you missed Blessing’s session, no need to worry, you can get her digital gift to you.

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