It’s a Fun Ride to Cameroon With Nina and Curtis’ Lit Wedding Video!

If you ask us to make a list of what we expect from African weddings, our answer will sum up one word… fun! The vibrant colours, rich display of culture and of course, love always leaves us wanting more.

Cameroonian sweethearts, Nina and Curtis took the forever route and it was an absolute thrill. Right from the morning prep with the squad, we expected nothing but a blast and they sure delivered. They had a solemn white wedding ceremony as well as a pumped trad and they looked absolutely stunning in their outfits. We can’t get over how they beautifully repped their culture through marital rites, melodic tunes and exquisite fashion. The reception was just so lit!  The couple and their guest brought the heat to the dancefloor with electrifying moves. Nina and Curtis’ wedding was so much fun, you will catch yourself moving your feet as you watch.

Enjoy their wedding video below:



Videography @maxwelljennings
Featured Image @gee_q_photos

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