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Chibuzor asked & Notey Said YES! The BellaNaija Weddings x Union Bank #AFreeUnion Proposal Was Everything We Imagined & More!

Today, our joy is full! Words can, in fact, not adequately express the extent of our excitement. You already know what we’re on about right? Yes! The BellaNaija Weddings x Union Bank #AFreeUnion. All through the week and the past week, we had talked about how one couple gets a totally free surprise proposal, and another, an all-expense-paid wedding! ?

Well, Notey and  Chibuzor are now one step closer to forever, thanks to Union Bank and BellaNaija Weddings. Our lucky winner, Chibuzor proposed to the love of his life Notey and she said yes! Beautiful is not enough adjective to quantify what it was! From the ambience and music to the entire set up, everything was spot on! Here’s how it went down.

Chibuzor had convinced his baby that they were attending a family function. So, she got all dressed up and off they went. Then they hitched a ferry ride to the beautiful and serene private beach – Sencillo Lagos. However, some things didn’t add up.

A boat? A private resort? Wasn’t this supposed to be a family function? Then as they stepped in, it became clear. Notey was getting the surprise of her life! They walked down the aisle, with beautiful flowers and candles on each side and Notey got serenaded. We just can’t get enough of the look on Notey’s face when she realized what was going on. Such moments will last in our hearts forever! The joy that these lovers expressed was all so contagious and it’s impossible to not get in your feelings!

What’s more amazing when the love of your life pops the question in a beautiful private beach house which was rented out just for the purpose of him asking you to marry him.

Now, we know you also want to experience it all in photos and of course, we got you covered! We’ve got all the photos for your pleasure. Keep scrolling to enjoy. We wish the adorable couple a lifetime of love and happiness!

PS: We’ve also got their love story. Just continue scrolling! ?

Okay, let’s take you to the very beginning – their love story!

Their love story according to Chibuzor:

Notey and I met on a @socialprefect tour to Oke-ado mountain & IITA in August of 2017. There were about 20 people on the trip & I planned to relax and be quiet on this trip. But this lady was sitting behind me on the bus who when I was introducing myself to the group reached from behind to touch my hair (in what I now believe was a caress). Omo, I knew that was a green light oh. However, through most of the 2-day trip, Notey was fronting for me oh. Until the trip back to Lagos. I swapped seats and went to the back to sit with her and we talked nonstop, all the way to Lagos. We went on a date the next week. Before the end of the month, I asked Notey to be my girlfriend. We’ve been through a lot together- dating long distance, learning each other’s communication and love language style but I’ve always known from the beginning that Notey is my soulmate. I can’t wait to marry her!

The moment Chibuzor walked in with the love of his life. The look on her face says it all ?

See the highlights of the day below:



Couple: @notiacs | @nbyodai
Partners: @Bellanaijaweddings | @unionbankng
Music: @stringtribe
Location: @sencillolagos
Decor: @eventsbyclaud
Ring: @bozdiamonds
Coordinator: @viebyneni
Videography: @tariebi.joel.visuals
Photography: @3118studios |@mamahstudios

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