It’s an Efik-Yoruba Affair! Feel the Beauty of Culture at Patience & Tunde’s Traditional Wedding

What’s not to love about culture! There’s so much beauty and colour where culture is concerned and this is one of the many things that draw us in. Now when this involves love and celebrating love, then you already know we’re all for it!  Today, we’re taking in all the beauty of culture with Patience and Tunde’s Efik-Yoruba Traditional wedding.

The love birds who had met as teenagers have now finally taken their love to the next level and we’re super excited for them. With family and friends present, Patience and Tunde tied the knot traditionally in an epic traditional wedding, displaying the beauty of both the Efik culture of the beautiful bride, Patience and the Yoruba culture of her sweetheart Tunde.

Patience was a  regal Efik bride through and through and when the time came to slay her Yoruba outfit, she wasn’t caught slacking. Tunde also came totally correct and suave. #TheEnis21 traditional wedding can be described in one word – epic! You totally want to get the feel of all that went down -keep scrolling to enjoy it all. When you’re done here, you should totally check out their white wedding here.

Enjoy all the wedding photos below.

Let’s head over to Tunde and his tribe as they also gear for the big moment…

Now, let the ceremony begin!

Now that the dowry has been paid and the sweethearts joined as one, Patience’ came through extra glamourous in her second outfit of the day and we can’t help but drool at the elegant display of culture.

Time to rep the Yoruba culture and the love birds came totally correct!


Bride: @paetsy
Groom: @t_keji
Planner: @elithan_events
Makeup: @asaaofficial
Bridal styling: @style_by_ruvero
Black George Fabric: @george_by_ruverodesigns
Oyonyon Outfit: @lola_rata
Asooke Outfit: @bimmms24
Black Mikado Fabric: @fabrics_by_maciscas
Shoes: @tavinbeads
Beads: @nicacorals_and_accessories
Clutch: @bellezaaccessories_
Photography: @lucasugoweddings
Videography: @gpluzmultimedia
Decor: @jossy_cleanevent
Smallchops: @madewithsugar_
Ushers: @afriqueushers_

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