These Highlights From Simi Drey & Julian’s Yoruba Trad Will Have You Lovestruck

As huge lovers of love, nothing excites us more than seeing two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together. The beautiful TV and radio entertainer, Simi Drey and the love of her life, Julian have made it a point of duty to always make us blush and we love it!

After their intimate civil wedding in Germany, all roads led to the city of Ibadan in Nigeria as the sweethearts tied the knot in a beautiful Yoruba traditional wedding. Simi made a first golden appearance in her gorgeous asooke outfit and Julian wasn’t left out. He rocked his agbada elegantly, repping his lovely bride’s Yoruba culture.

The couple celebrated their love in the presence of their family and friends and each moment of their day was truly special. Here are some super sweet highlights from their wedding that will definitely make your day!

Simi made a super gorgeous bride!😍

We can certainly feel the love in the air!

Don’t you just love the Yoruba culture?

Here comes the lovely bride! 😍

Now Mr and Mrs!🥰

The second outfit slay we signed up for!

We can’t get enough of this love and beauty 🥰

Simi’s after-party look is everything! 😍


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