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It has been 365 Days of Doing Life Together for Vivien & Banji

More than seeing couples get married, we love to see couples celebrating their marriage.

About a year ago, it was the big day for Vivien and Banji of The Fab Weddings. Now they are celebrating 365 days of doing life together and we can’t help but love how they choose to document this phase. They recreated one of their wedding looks and we are just here gushing over the photos (now is a good time to check out their wedding photos).

You know photos aren’t complete without the captions, so keep reading to see the lovely notes they penned down to each other.

He shared:

365 Days Round the Sun with you by my side… But who’s counting 💝…..

Happy Anniversary Babe ❤️ @__abeena

She shared:

One year legal already. So grateful to God for how far we’ve come. I know it’s cliche to say it feels like yesterday but it honestly does feel like we were at the registry just last week. One day, we’ll wake up and it’ll be 50 years and we’ll be wondering where all the time went. Lol. I hope by that time, you’d have gotten used to me always leaving all the lights on and laughing loudly in the middle of the night 😃. I love you babe @fabolousbanji ❤️




Couple: @__abeena & @fabolousbanji
Art Direction/Post production@fabolousbanji
Bride’s fit@knanfe @knanfebridal
Groom’s fit@baldonclothiers

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