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Thanks To Yinka’s Cousin, The #ForeverJibs Lovebirds are Soaring Happily Ever After!

Yinka and Dami’s love journey is like a classic rom-com with a perfect storyline. It all began when Yinka’s cousin introduced them to each other, three years ago.

Yinka wasn’t exactly looking for love at that time but you’ll agree with us that love found her in the sweetest way ever. She got to exchange contacts with Dami and it’s been non-stop communication,  exciting dates and growing deeper in love every passing day. Now, we can hear the sound of wedding bells and their pre-wedding pictures are just a breath of fresh air. We are so elated for these two and we know you will love their photos as much as we do!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below:

Their love story as shared by Yinka:

It all started with rolled eyes, Snapchat and a less-than-exciting conversation – not necessarily the best baseline for this fantastic journey it turned out to be. We were introduced by my cousin in January 2020. She mentioned that she had a friend she wanted to introduce me to that lived in Nigeria whilst they were making breakfast on Saturday morning and I rolled my eyes. I immediately objected as I was not interested in any more long-distance relationships talk much less with a Nigerian man living in Nigeria. By the end of the evening, by some cosmic intervention, I agreed to exchange contact details with Dami and have spoken every day since January 11, 2020.

There were plans to meet in March 2020 but the pandemic seemed to have its own agenda. But the rest, as they say, is history. While being physically apart, we learnt to communicate as clearly as possible, we were honest about how we felt at the moment, understood that silence doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable and be creative in doing things together – our first date was on facetime.  They both agreed on a set menu that included drinks, candles and dessert!

Their love story as shared by Dami:

Our love was real and true from the start and our wedding is simply celebrating all of it—not just our big day but all the little days before and after, all the joys, all the laughter all this time. I’ve been lucky enough to love and be loved by you. As I look back today on all that we’ve shared, there’s nothing that I’d want to miss— not one smile, not one word, not one touch, not one kiss. You are the most sense my life has ever made.


Photography: @laahweddings

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