22 Trending Videos in 2022 That Will Remain Evergreen

Yes, we know every year has an ending but it is the beautiful moments that make each year memorable.  No doubt, 2022 came with so many beautiful moments that we won’t forget in a hurry.

It was indeed a special year for us and we are leaving with a lot of sweet memories as souvenirs. From couples’ first looks to tear-jerking wedding moments, and then to all the fun that goes down at wedding receptions, here are our top 22 trending videos that made our 2022 special.

In no particular order, join us as we go down memory lane and enjoy all the sweet moments that came with 2022!

E For Energy! We’re Absolutely in Love With This Bride’s Vibes

For The Culture! This Kalabari Bride & Her Moves Will Make Your Day

It’s a Praise Party! This Couple’s Joy is Super Contagious

This Couple’s First Kiss Moment Will Have You Blushing

This Bride’s Reaction To Her Wedding Present Will Have You Grinning

This Bridesmaid & Groomsman are Giving Us The Perfect Weekend Vibe!

This Bridesmaid & Groomsman are Serving us Extra Doses of Energy!

This Emotional Couple Moment Will Get you in Your Feelings

These Beautiful Ladies on Bridesmaid Duties Will Make You Smile

Watching this Groom Gush Over His Bride Will Totally Make Your Day


This Bride Rocked 11 Looks For Her Wedding & Slayed Them Back To Back!

This Bride’s 2-in-1 Wedding Dress is The Perfect Statement Maker!

This Couple’s Lit Reception Entrance Will Make Your Day!

This Couple’s Trad Photo Session In The Rain is So Sweet to Watch!

When You Marry Your Prayer Partner! This Video Has Us in Our Feelings

This Sweet Couple Moment was Beautifully Captured – Enjoy the Video


You Will Definitely Feel The Heat With This Couple’s First Kiss!


These Bridesmaids Will Make Your Day With Their Rhythm!

This Bride and her Bridesmaids Came Through With Pure Energy & Vibes!

This Couple Gave Tension With Their First Kiss!

This Happy Couple Will Add Smiles To Your Day!

You’ll Totally Love This Bridal Dress With Pockets!

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