9 Fab #AsoEbiBella Looks to Love from the #RoadtoBae2020 Trad

The traditional engagement of the celebrity makeup artist Anita Brows Adetoye to Nollywood actor and model, Emmanuel Ikubese happened on Thursday.  The ceremony had a quite a number of fabulous wedding guest and we are loving their #AsoEbiBella looks.

We have picked out nine of our favourite blue and beautiful looks just for you. Take a look and enjoy every bit. Do tell us your favourite looks in the comments.

Check on it!

Belle: @inidimaokojie | Dress: @somobysomo | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics | Makeup: @riseandglambeauty | Gele: @abydouz_gele

Belle: @stephaniecoker | Dress: @ppoizn | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics

Belle: @layoleoyatogun | Dress: @zhenawoman | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics

Belle: @lolaoj | Dress: @tishestyle | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics | Makeup: @ennieyapha

Belle: @tokemakinwa | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics | Dress: @zhenawoman | Gele: @taiwos_touch | Makeup: @preshy_n | Photography: @tobi.olajolo

Belle: @lillyafe | Makeup: @marcxpro | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics | Dress: @suemanuell | Photography: @praise_that_photographer

Belle: @sharonooja | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics | Dress: @somobysomo | Makeup: @makeupkwin

Belle: @charishair | Fabric: @bunniebees_fabrics


Gent: @shawnfaqua 








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