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A Friend Thought They’d Be The Perfect Match & They Were! #DoubleO20 Pre-Wedding

Love can find you anywhere. As long as you’re ready to accept it.

Tola and Tayo‘s classy pre-wedding shoot captured by AWGZZZ paints a beautiful picture of love, bliss and happiness. The two were introduced by a friend who felt they would be the perfect match. Now they’re getting ready to walk down the aisle to happily ever after.

Gladly the bride-to-be gives us all the gist about their meeting and you can read about it below.


Tola tells us all about how they met;

We both have different versions to this story, however, I’d be sharing mine. I was single at the time and I had mentioned it to my elder sister’s friend Taiwo (special S/O to her). She immediately told me she had a friend that she thinks would be perfect for me as he was very responsible and professional. I was like “professional? boyfriend or business partner?” She gave him my number and told him to call me as I was her baby.

He actually didn’t call for a while
(he claimed he was busy with work – travelling), and only called after a week or two. When he finally called, he asked to come see me and I obliged. My first impression was “this guy is short o”. He got to mine at about 7pm, we got talking and I remember I kept laughing and had such a good time.


So much time had passed without us knowing, it was about 11:30 pm when he eventually left. We planned to hang out again and the second time, I was wondering why I thought he was short the first time (maybe I was now blinded by love).  The rest is history!

We dated for over three years before he proposed in August last year (2019) in an intimate gathering with my family and his. I don’t exactly remember all he said because I kept laughing. I’m looking forward to forever with you T!



Photography: @awgzzz

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