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Ruth & James’ Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story is the Right Start for the Day

Love is everywhere and we can see it right here with Ruth and James!

This beautiful Ghanaian couple is giving us all the right feels with their pre-wedding shoot and love story. They met back in 2014 and started off their friendship, years later, they are counting down to the #IGODANSOH union. The couple shared how their sweet friendship and of course, how James popped the question( make sure to see the video at the end of the feature).

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Here’s how it all started according to the couple:

We met in 2014 at our church retreat when James came to Canada. We started off as friends and hung around the same people, as years went by of knowing each other, a natural attraction developed. After continuous prayer and support from church leadership and family, we knew it was time. December 14th, I proposed to Ruth and now we are getting married!

Here’s how their beautiful proposal happened according to the groom-to-be, James:

I wanted the proposal to Ruth to be memorable and unique, a moment that she would cherish forever. I definitely wanted the proposal to take Ruth by surprise, leaving her speechless. Naturally, Ruth is very curious and inquisitive so planning surprises for her can be challenging; but I was determined. Our mutual friend Olga was relocating to London, UK. That was the perfect decoy for me to use to plan the proposal. I enlisted the help of Olga to invite Ruth to a staged “send-off party” for Olga. Unsuspectingly, Ruth arrived at the predetermined location on December 14. With the help of our wedding planner, the room was transformed into a romantic haven. There were candlelit pathways, red rose petals, and live singers serenading Ruth amongst other personalized touches. As Ruth opened the door to the venue, she walked into her destiny, our destiny. My speechless bride-to-be stood in amazement as I walked towards her. At that moment on bended knee, I gently took Ruth’s hand and asked her to be my wife; she said yes!


Here’s how the proposal happened:


Bride-to-be: @amaruthkay
Groom-to-be: @maison_q
Photography: @purpletreephotography
Planner: @gracearhinevents
Makeup: @avaya.noelle
Hair: @hairsenta
Hairstyling: @hairbyestylez

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