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Own Your Trad Like a Queen With This Igbo Beauty Look

When it comes to weddings and bridal fashion, especially in our part of the world, it is believed that the bride must shine the brightest and rightly so, because it’s her day! 😅 It sure is every bride’s dream to step out on her big day radiating like the morning sun.

We’ve got this bridal beauty look today to bring that dream to reality. The nude glam by Aaifyna Event Empire came through with the subtle charm effect that we’ve come to love. Sonice Bridal Hair gave us a perfect blend of traditional and modern style with an exquisite hairstyle. The Isi-agu stands out as a cultural piece to signify heritage and the dress in itself is a true representation of how vintage can mix beautifully with modern designs. Everything about this look speaks elegance and culture and we just can’t help but love it! If your trad is on the way, you definitely want to look through this. You can also get more beauty looks here.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



Makeup: @aaifyna_event_empire
Hair: @sonice_bridalhair
Accessories: @nenejewellryandcraft
Photography: @majikphotographyelim

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