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Michael Found The Love of His Life on His Sister’s Insta Story!

Today, we are grateful for those special people who post photos of their friends on social media. It was through this act that Michael met his baby girl, Abimbola! 😍

It all began one fateful day when Michael’s sister posted a photo of Abimbola on her Insta story. Well, Michael got instantly lovestruck and asked for her contact. A funny love message and video call later and now, It’s #Ideyyourside4Ever! The lovebirds are making us do our happy dance as they bless us with their stunning pre-wedding photos. They’re all shades of cute and you can tell these two have a special bond.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Michael:

Our love story began when I saw Bims’ photo on Klothouse’s official Instagram story, she had posted her photo in a dress she made for her. The owner of Klothouse, Victoria is my younger sister as well as Bims’ seamstress and friend. She had told me about Bims months earlier and even sent me photos but my mind was occupied and I didn’t even take the time to look at the photos until one day I saw she posted her on her story. I asked for her contact immediately and reached out to her, sending her a funny love sms. She responded but kept dodging my calls until 3 days after when I forcefully called her via video and that was how our love story began…



Bride: @abi_luuv
Groom: @obayemi_md
Planner: @etaleventsng
Makeup: @ruthbrightbeauty
Hair Stylist
: @tea.styles
Photography: @tosin_josh of @tosinjoshweddings

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