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Northern Brides-to-be! Bring a Flawless Glow to Your Big Day With This Inspo

Hey there, gorgeous bride-to-be! Welcome to the beautiful month of July. As your wedding date draws near, one thing you’ve got to tick off your to-do list is your bridal look.

If you are a northern bride-to-be, we’ve got the perfect look for achieving sheer elegance on your big day. This outfit by Adama NG is a fine blend of culture and style. We love the two-toned effect and how it adds a colourful contrast to the look. Paired with this soft glam by Boujee Beauties, it creates a flawless glow which is highly irresistible. We we also can’t ignore the accessories and lovely head wrap and how they further elevate this look. You’ve got to pin this look if your big day is around the corner.  You can also check for more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and let us know what you think!


Belle @enes.diary
Makeup @boujeebeauties__
Photography @abrahamsimpaphotography@duncandedon@photocribimagery
Decor @wendy_event
Fabric @cultural_couture_kn

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