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Ada’s Bridesmaids Proposal Will Have You Appreciating The Beauty of Friendship!

A simple definition of family can be a group of people related by blood. However in life, you get to cross paths with some amazing set of people called friends who mean just as much to you as your family.

Ada has journeyed through life with her best girls celebrating milestones and sharing beautiful memories. As the gorgeous bride-to-be is set to take another big step – saying ‘I do’ to the love of her life – one thing is certain… she wants her best girls to be a part of it. She planned a lovely “La vie en rose” themed dinner where she asked her best girls to be her bridesmaids… of course, they all said Yes! Ada and her girls turned up looking absolutely gorgeous and they have us gushing over the beauty of friendship and sisterhood.

Check out the photos below and read how Ada was able to pull it off. Enjoy!

Here is how Ada pulled off her bridesmaids proposal:

I decided to do a bridesmaid proposal because I wanted an opportunity to celebrate my closest friends and also thank them for their commitment to our many years of friendship. I also wanted to show them my appreciation for being onboard to travel with me from the USA all the way to my hometown in Nigeria for the upcoming wedding ceremonies. Some of them are not Nigerians and some have never even been to Africa before, but they all jumped at the opportunity to support me without hesitation. That means a lot to me.

My relationship with the ladies have spanned over several years; the oldest relationship being my best friend from boarding school. The other ladies, I have developed meaningful relationships with them from my undergraduate degree days all the way to the ladies I met as a doctorate student.

I always knew I wanted to have an intimate but different bridal proposal. So I sort out ideas online from Pinterest, Etsy etc. When my vision board was completed, I consulted the event decorator and explained what I wanted. Needless to say that @nikksevents literally brought my vision to life!

My La vie en rose bridal proposal was a dream  and of course, all my girls said YES!  I’m super excited to embark on this incredible journey with some of my lifelong sisters standing by my side! I’m grateful for all of you, my individual and our collective relationships! I cannot wait to continue to make memories.


Bride to
Decor: @nikksevents
Hair: @thescbeauty
Makeup: @theepinkbeautybar
Photography: @scproductionzz
Dress: @imadeduso_
Shoes: @stevemadden
Catering: @cynthias_kitchenn | @treats_by_tosin

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