The “Adaeze” Collection By Prudential Atelier Highlights the Regal Essence of Igbo Bridal Fashion

When it comes to traditional bridal fashion, the goal is always to find a balance between your rich cultural heritage and the allure of contemporary fashion.

The ‘Adaeze Collection’ by Prudential Atelier was crafted to seamlessly achieve this balance. Named after the Igbo word for ‘princess,’ each piece in this collection draws inspiration from the regal essence of Igbo brides. The collection has an array of options which blend timeless elegance with cutting-edge style. This collection is perfect for the Igbo bride who wants to rep her roots in style.

Here’s how the designer described the collection:

The Adaeze Collection brings the beauty and spirit of Igbo queens to life, mixing timeless elegance with the flair of modern fashion. Adaeze means ‘princess’, and each piece in the collection is made with care, showing the hard work and care that Igbo women are known for.

This collection tells a story of strength and pride, reminding us of the saying ‘Igbo Amaka’—meaning the beauty of the Igbo heritage. It’s about honouring where we come from while also making our mark on the world today. It’s for the woman who holds her culture close to her heart and shows it off with pride. It’s for the queen in every woman, ready to take on the world.



Dress @prudential_atelier
Makeup @moebeauty_ |  @layefabeauty |  @mobolah_signature
Gele @adufegele
Hairstylist @_hairbyanniee
Handfan @bb_beauty_craft
Beads @fibeads
George fabri@george_by_ruverodesigns
Fabric @fabrics_by_labis
Earrings and bracelets @cherrysclassic
Photography @raremagic_gallery@honor_gabriel_
Videography @mcefilms
Belles @fabjernnie@the.catherineonoja@official_queennelly@official_qwindollar@simisanyaa@slimbarbie20_@lauraajayii

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