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His Brother Did the Matchmaking and 2 Years Later, Nwaka Got a Sweet ‘Yes’ From The Woman of His Dreams!

At what point can it be said that you are indeed your brother’s keeper? The answer is simple… when you introduce your brother to the love of his life!

Nwaka found his soulmate and it all began when his brother introduced him to the beautiful Rebecca two years ago. They became friends and soon, sparks began to fly after an interesting video call. With the help of his brother, Nwaka planned a romantic rooftop proposal where he went down on one knee and asked the lady who had stolen his heart to marry him. It was the easiest ‘Yes’ and we could feel all the excitement in the air. We are so happy for these two as they embark on this forever journey.

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Rebecca:

I moved to Lagos, Nigeria in 2022. Nwaka was living in Istanbul, Turkey at the time. His younger brother felt we would be a great match and introduced us via WhatsApp. He was right. There was an instant connection and we had almost everything in common. After a few days of chatting, Nwaka was not applying enough pressure, so I moved on and continued dating other people. I didn’t know that he had sent his brother a message the next day telling him I was everything he ever wanted. But he didn’t feel ready because he was in the middle of shipping his luxury door inventory from Istanbul to Nigeria and did not want to introduce me to his stress.

We remained friends and he would check in on me from time to time, send encouragement, prayers, pictures of beautiful Istanbul sunsets and sermon links. Meanwhile, Victor, his brother, would introduce me as, “His Eldest Brother’s Fiancé” every chance he got. Someone who I had not met yet. I obviously didn’t mind because his brother was fine and secretly already mine. On my birthday, a few months later, Nwaka surprised me with flowers and a birthday cake. I thought, ehenn pressure, finally. I felt very special because even though I was dating other people, I secretly wished it were him. He was godly, caring, ambitious, loving, thoughtful, generous, loved all the things I do, our conversations were easy and he was fine as hell.

Whenever people asked me who I was dating, I would mention “my secret boyfriend in Turkey,” among the list of whoever else I considered a suitor at the time. Fast forward to 2023, I moved back to the USA for a contract. Nwaka continued to check on me and we would keep up with each other’s lives and prayer points. Then one day, was chatting up with Victor his younger brother about a business idea. We ended the audio call, then Victor called me again on video. When I answered, he swung the camera around and his brother was there with him. I almost dropped my phone. What was happening? Lol what was I seeing?

I am the last person to try and do a long distance relationship, especially after failed attempts with the wrong people. But did I have a choice in this case? This man who had captivated me from the moment we first connected is now available and so am I? It’s like the feelings I had starved off for over a year all came rushing to the top again. I remained calm though. Because he needed to apply pressure. And the pressure was applied. We chatted later that day and more and more over the course of the next few weeks. Our conversations were always so rich and edifying. I’m an author and Life Coach and he began pushing my brand and building systems for me to succeed with even more confidence. We make a great team.

I flew to Lagos and he picked me up from the airport with roses in hand. It was nothing but laughter and love from that moment on. I introduced him to all of my family, we went on dates and by Wednesday, we were ring shopping. I thought we’d have a quiet, private engagement party with cake, champagne and a few family and friends to celebrate our love. That evolved into, “let’s do a photoshoot so we have the memories and can take some pics of your book to promote it here.”Victor and his girlfriend became my fairy godparents and organized a remarkable tailor who sewed my outfits in 24 hours, arranged the videographer and location without my knowledge of what was going on. I did not know that my private quiet engagement shoot had evolved into the heavenly, sunset, rooftop dream of a proposal that would be viewed across the world. Grateful that I was patient with this sweet, sweet man and didn’t push him away when he wasn’t ready. Excited to continue this love journey with him.


Planning and Decor @truelovelane
Photography @bodunrin_photography

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