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Here’s How Hermosaa Slayed All of Adama Indimi’s Bridal Looks in Maiduguri

Editor’s Note: Hey guys,  just because we aren’t over all the beauty at the #shesaidAdo wedding in Maiduguri, we got the makeup artist, Hermosaa to give us a bit of insight into Adama’s looks for her ceremony. You’d also get to the inspiration behind each look of the ceremony. So stay tuned and enjoy. You should also catch up the beautiful  #Adamalikthewedding if you haven’t seen it yet.

Before the Wedding

Adama’s wedding Glam- she picked out beautiful looks for her wedding detailed in a PowerPoint presentation. Yup! when your bride knows what she wants ?. The last time we ever had a session with Adama was in 2017. We usually would have trial sessions before the main day but in this case, many thanks to COVID-19, we couldn’t. However, it was easy breezy and we totally enjoyed working with the bride. All looks were tailored to Adamma’s beautiful features.

The Big Day

Look 1: Fero Buji Gnata

She wanted a bronzed outlook, flattering lashes paired with a nude shimmery gloss. I think we nailed it.

The Final look


Look 2: Sa Lalle Henna Party

You can’t imagine how excited we were at her choice of the Chadian bridal glam, colours make me bubbly! We went with purple, pink mattes and shimmery green tones, paired with a slightly bold pink lippy. The look was tweaked to complement to her outfit. It was totally worth it!


Look 3Kaulu

We went for a blue shimmery graphic liner paired with a bold burgundy frosted matte lipstick. Giving us the traditional modern-day Kanuri bridal vibes.

The Final look


Look 4: Kai Amarya

This was the final event and it required a simple yet sultry look with hints of purple, rose gold and lilac. An ideal look to meet the in-laws.






Bride: @presido
Photography: @bedgepictures



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