#TheAyyrianXperience Ghanaian Trad Was a Festival of Love, Beauty & Colours!

Ever attended a Ghanaian wedding? If your answer is yes, then you have an idea of the thrill we’re about to enjoy. If you haven’t, take this as your virtual pass to one! Courtesy of Ama and Cyprian, we get to enjoy not only a sweet love tale but also all the colours of Ghanaian culture.

These lovebirds have us deep in our feelings today and we can’t get enough of their love. Their love story began with a business pitch and then went from Facebook to Instagram. Now, it’s ultimately a forever love story and we’re super stoked for them!

To celebrate their beautiful love, the duo, along with their friends and family set on a destination wedding and it was an all-round festival of love, beauty and colours. They tied the knot in a Ghanaian trad and the colours filled the air. If you are a lover of love and culture, like us, then you certainly want to take in all the feels of this one. You should also click here to enjoy their white wedding and how Cyprian tells their love story.

Enjoy #TheAyyrianXperience Ghanaian trad wedding and their love story as Ama tells it below.

Their love story as shared by Ama:

“There is this boy I know, he’s a friend nothing serious, I just enjoy talking to him.” This was a conversation I had with my Carol on one of the days I had been messaging Cyprian on Instagram.

Getting to know Cyprian and falling in love with him, was fun and exciting, but it also came with a lot of prayers and waiting on God. Yes, I had met someone as adventurous, free-spirited and as ambitious as me. However, that is where our similarities end. Cyprian is quiet and logical, I am loud and passionate. I love cold rooms, he can’t survive in cold temperatures. I prefer the bed and my own company, he loves to drive and have company, he likes bright colours and browns, I love greys, black and nudes. I could go on with our differences and reasons why in my mind I believed this would not work.

Talk about the beauty of friendships…

God had other plans for me. After praying for days on end and watching Cyprian wait patiently for me to give him an answer that we officially are boyfriend and girlfriend… It dawned on me that this man (no longer a boy) was created for me. From the moment I met him, I had told him my deepest darkest secrets and he still looked at me with love.

Let’s check out Cyprian and his squad…

I had found the one who I could be myself 100% with, and feel no guilt. I had found the person who completed me and pushed me to be better. The journey to this point has not been easy, but in all things and with God, I knew in that moment, on that 1st of February when I finally said, “I’m ready to be your girlfriend now” that God was leading me towards my purpose.

Time for the ceremony!

The groom and his entourage with the bride price and gifts…

Here comes the bride…

…And two shall become one!

Happy ever after sure exists!



Bride @amayirebi
Makeup @mzl4wson
Hair @adefunkeee
Bride’s Wedding Dress @tabjaofficial
Photography @jema_photography | @shotbyadoosey
Videography @tripledots  | @hanspiere
Bridal Styling @debbs_bjuku | @saadiasanusi


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