Anita & Dante Went From an Attempted Wristwatch Sale on Twitter to #KAAN2021

Hey there, BellaNaija Weddings fam! Notice something recently? If what came to your mind is that we’ve been having a lot of social media love stories back to back, you’re right! Yet again, we’ve got another exciting love story that started on social media. Today, we’re all about Anita and Dante whose love started on the streets of Twitter. 😅

When Anita and Dante started interacting on Twitter for the first time, it was simply business. Anita was trying to sell off a wristwatch to an interested Dante. Unfortunately, the deal never went through. However, something even more amazing came out of it! Anita and Dante went on to become lovers and have now taken their love down the aisle.

After a vibrant traditional wedding, the two said their “I do” in a dreamy outdoor wedding with friends and family as witnesses to their love. After the wedding ceremony, came their wedding reception and it was absolutely turnt! Their outfits, energy, and all-around love exuded the most beautiful rays and we just can’t help our excitement.

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story as shared by Anita below.

Their love story as shared by Anita:

Sometime in 2016, I was trying to sell off a wristwatch for someone I was dating at the time on Twitter and Dante was interested but the sale didn’t go through. However, he kept sending messages every other month for years to just check-in, see how I was doing, and ask to hang out.

I’d always respond and turn down his invitation or stop responding mid-conversation. 😂 This went on till January 2019 when I had tweeted about being upset and he immediately sent a message to check up and I indulged ( I was out of a relationship at this point).

We chatted for a while and I was curious to put a face to the person I was chatting with because his account had no pictures at all. When he sent one over, I knew I was going to accept his next link-up request. 😅 He mentioned being able to make me laugh over a phone call so I gave him my number (lmao he never called me).

Sadly, I lost my sister the next day and needed someone to help out with something technical on a laptop. I had called a few friends to help out to no avail then I remembered the young man I chatted with the previous day told me he was a software engineer so I sent a message.

I had to disclose what had happened and why I needed the help. We kept talking till roughly 5 am the next day because I told him I couldn’t sleep even when he had to be at work at 9 am. That was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me.

He came over for a condolence visit some days after and we kept talking from that day onward. 3 months down the line and Dante was already talking about his feelings and how he’d like to settle down with me in the nearest future (Lmao. It sounded so ridiculous at the time because we weren’t dating).

Let’s take it to the aisle!

He asked me out 3 times before I decided it was time for us to become official and even after that I ended things a month into the relationship because I didn’t feel we were in sync. Lmao, he was not having any of that as we were mysteriously back to dating a week after and now two years down.

I’m so happy he didn’t give up on me and us… The rest is history and our happily ever after has just begun.

First, take in the beauty of their reception hall…

Now let the party begin!

Daddy and his girl having their moment. 🥰

Mom and son time! 😍

The magic of the first dance…

After the show, is the after-party!




Bride: @nitaee
Groom: @dantelex
Photography: @damimanuels
Makeup: @revysbeauty
Hairstylist: @adefunkeee
Bride’s outfits@afrikcouture
Bride’s shoe@ummhie
Bouquet: @flowerplus
Bridesmaids outfits@opalandhaute
Bridesmaids bouquet@all_bellaz
Decor: @360eventee
Bridesmaids Makeup@maryjoanne_@evichanted
Bridesmaids hairstylist@ayinke_oge
Special effects@bigwavemediaconcept
Videography: @dandyfilms
Planner: @siimsevents

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