A Compliment on Instagram Led to Anita & Edward’s Sweet Love

One moment, you post a photo on Instagram and the next a stranger is sending a DM complimenting how beautiful you look. Years after, you are walking down the aisle to spend the rest of your lives together. If this isn’t a perfect love story, we wonder what is!

Anita and Edward filled our day with the warmth of their lovely pre-wedding photos, you can have a look here. Today, they are blessing us with their white wedding photos and beautiful love story.

The lovebirds said “I do” in the most beautiful intimate wedding ceremony and the photos are giving us butterflies! Anita made an absolutely gorgeous bride and Edward was one super suave groom. The garden-themed reception gave the perfect “fairytale” start to a new life! All the beauty and love from this wedding has us in our feelings. We are so certain you won’t want to stop scrolling.

Enjoy their white wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Anita:

In 2019, Edward slid into my DMs after I had posted a picture on Instagram. All he said was “Hey, I just wanted to say you’re really beautiful”. It wasn’t a creepy stranger DM because we had some mutual friends and vaguely knew of each other. (We went to the same high school in Ghana but never met because we attended at different times).
After I replied to his DM the conversation sort of fizzled out and life went on.

Anita with her favourite girls

He didn’t reach out to me again. After about 8months of no communication, I saw on Instagram that it was his birthday. I decided to reach out to wish him a happy birthday. Lowkey, I reached out because I didn’t understand why he never came back to try and talk to me. From his birthday, we got talking and became friends. The pandemic was peaking and so we were both on lockdown in Ghana and Canada.

Anita – all glammed up and ready for the big moment…

This gave us so much time to talk and get to know each other. In December 2020, despite all the travel restrictions, he flew to Ghana from Canada to see me for the first time. Meeting in person went so much better than we both expected. It was effortless, fun and fulfilling. We started a long-distance relationship a few months after and I guess the rest is history!

The groom all set to get his bride

The groom and his squad

Let the ceremony begin…

Yay! The bride is here

Our forever promise

Sealed with the perfect kiss

Signed and sealed!

Together for life!

Let’s take in the beauty of the reception decor

Who is in the garden? Well, two beautiful lovebirds!

Let’s get this reception started!

Some heartwarming speeches…

Daddy’s favourite girl

The sweet mother-son dance

May we have the first dance!

It’s time for the after-party!

It’s a fun night from here!




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