This ‘Avant-Garde’ Styled Shoot Will Inspire Creativity and Style On Your Big Day

Planning a wedding requires meticulous attention to detail. From selecting the ideal outfits to choosing the perfect decor, every detail needs to be flawlessly executed.

With the numerous evolving wedding trends, it is important to come up with a wedding plan that is unique and resonates with your personal style. To help you achieve this, a team of talented creatives put together this styled shoot which inspires innovation and creativity. Perfectly captured by Mesus Studios and planned by FTK Konnect, this ‘Avant-Garde’ shoot aims to challenge existing norms, processes, and forms in weddings. All the elements from the floral decor to the stylish outfits and bold glams will have you in awe.

Here’s how the planner describes the shoot:

Photographer Miguel contacted FTK~Konnect Events to craft a distinctive photo shoot, diverging from conventional clichés. We named it Avant-Garde, aligning with its artistic meaning—innovative and boundary-pushing artwork that challenges existing norms, processes, and forms. This radical approach often sparks resistance and controversy due to its departure from established ideas. In French, avant-garde means the “vanguard” or the “advance guard” — basically the people and ideas that are ahead of their time.

FTK-Konnect Events discovered a venue, The Crossvines, that opened just six months ago, making it relatively new. This minimalist space served as an ideal backdrop for our shoot, providing a blank canvas for our creative process. We meticulously curated and designed the entire set and vendor makeup. Opting for a florist capable of realizing our vision, we crafted the space with exotic blooms, striking greenery, and unique arrangements, resulting in a visually stunning backdrop. The table settings exuded sleek modernity with metallic accents, while stationery showcased unique geometric designs, arches, and a touch of “wet floor” creativity. Every detail was meticulously planned to embody our fashion-forward vision. In terms of production, we collaborated with one of our favourites, Phemstar Productions. They skillfully crafted the best geometric backdrop, designed a sleek floor wrap, orchestrated the lighting, and added velour draping to achieve the perfect shoot vibe according to our design.

Final touches include inspiration from Fashion, Media (photo & video), models, makeup, and hair.
– Bridal dress: Cutting-edge, non-traditional design.
– Groom’s Attire: Modern, sleek, and fashion-forward.
– Models: High-fashion with unique looks, emphasizing high-fashion editorial and artistic angles.
– Emphasis: Capturing modern, avant-garde elements.
– Unique Shots: Backgrounds, geometric compositions.
– Beauty Concept: Bold yet clean.
– Makeup: Unique colour choices with high-fashion inspiration.
– Hairstyling: Edgy, modern, and clean.

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Photography and Creative Director: @mesus.studios
Planner and Designer: @FTKKonnect
Videography: @aperfilms_
Fashion Designers: @DanieleAyeleofficial | @danieleayelebridal | @StanlionClothing
Production: @phemstar_event_productions
Florist: @Rosewateratelier
Hairstylist: @Dommiecole | @anyahair
Makeup: @BlushbyMakki | @Valsmakeupartistry
Content Creators: @Payecreations
Chef: @thechefher
Rentals: @beaudecors

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