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All Thanks to a Friend Who Played Cupid, Bernadette & Goldie Are on a Forever Journey

Today is another beautiful day to relish the beauty of love. By doing so, we won’t fail to appreciate those special people who lead their friends to find true love. 😍

Bernadette and Goldie are on a forever journey and a gentle push from a dear friend made it happen. As they count down to their big day, they are serving up classy vibes and sweet love with their pre-wedding shoot and we can’t get enough. They look so cute together and we are excited for them as they embark on their beautiful  journey.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Bernadette:

With a gentle push from a dear friend, the universe brought together two kindred spirits with an insatiable zest for life in a serendipitous twist. We shared passions for food, and travel, and looking fabulous made our connection inevitable. It all began with a conversation that flowed effortlessly into the starlit night in the Hard Rock Cafe parking lot. Hours slipped away as we discussed art, music, the world, and the intricacies of the human condition. It felt like fate had arranged a gourmet “Love at First Strategy Session” just for us.

Our unforgettable first date at Winehouse wasn’t just about savouring fine wine but about sharing dreams under the open sky. Life, the ultimate storyteller, had more in store for us. Imagine a Positano sunset, reminiscent of the one at Tarkwa Bay four years earlier, where he first asked me to be his girlfriend. This time, there were no tears – from the beginning, we knew our bond was something extraordinary. Our journey together has been a delightful blend of flavors, adventures, laughter, love, and unique style. We’ve savored exotic cuisines in distant lands, embarked on
spontaneous quests to hidden gems, and cultivated a fashion sense that’s a perfect fusion of “us.”

What truly binds us is our shared passion for growth. From juice cleanses to intermittent fasting, we’ve proven that when we set our minds to something, we conquer it together. From Law School to global stages, from being the Golden Boy of Marketing to redefining masculinity with MetroMan, we’ve faced challenges and emerged stronger, side by side. Our story is one of endless exploration, shared passions, and an unwavering commitment to each other. Here’s to more adventures, more laughter, and a lifetime of looking fabulous together.


Bride: @big.bernadette
Groom: @goldieiyamu
Planners: @2706events
Photography : @kopstudios
Reel: @c.rae.tor
Makeup: @bristlesbymeg

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