The BERTA FW23 Collection Captures The Essence of Timeless Bridal Fashion

Wedding dresses are more than fashion statements for the big day. A wedding dress embodies the personality of a bride and tells a story that will linger in memories forever.

The new bridal collection by designer, Berta is an absolute pick for brides who want to create timeless moments while exuding power and grace. This modern masterpiece has a unique story behind it which is engrafted into every piece. With elegant lace details, interesting gloves, and jaw-dropping neck corsets, these gorgeous dresses will certainly leave you in awe.

Here is what the design brand has to say about the collection:

They say all roads lead to Rome. Some say the true Romans would object and say all roads lead FROM Rome. If only one were able to go back in time and get a definite answer…but then what is definite, if each has his own opinion and perception of life? Celine Dion once asked us all: “How does a moment last forever? How can a story never die?” Let us tell you how.

When you start looking for a wedding dress, you are essentially looking for the one you will feel most proud and empowered in, the one which will make you remember the feeling of pure happiness when showing your wedding photos to your grandkids. It’s all about remembering and passing that memory on. In search of that answer, Berta wanted to design and create a collection that is timeless; one that exemplifies power and grace while combined with modernism. It’s tradition in the form of lace, made into gloves that will preserve your deepest, most special wedding secrets. It’s elegance in the shape of straight neck corsets, and there is a story behind each woman that is about to wear each of the masterpieces that are BERTA Rome. This is how we make a moment last forever. And when there comes the time to pass that story on, this is how it will never die. We may not have the ability to argue which is true, but we truly believe that all roads (to one’s wedding) start and end with this Berta collection. There could not be a more perfect location than Rome to capture it.

Check out the collection below.


Design Brand: @berta

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