#TheBMWedding Wolimah & Nikkai Ceremony is the Perfect Start to Your Day

Northern weddings will always have a place in our hearts. Everything about the day is always so beautiful; the outfits, culture, and colours are to love.

Bilkis and her forever love, Monsur tied the knot with a couple of events. In this feature, we have their Wolimah and Nikkai ceremony and the bride, Bilkis shared their love story with us. Read all about it below and catch up with their wedding dinner here.


Here’s how their love story played out according to the bride, Bilksi:

I met the love of my life in the summer of 2015 in London through my family friend. It was my graduation and my mom had invited a few friends. A few days after, we repaid the visits and that’s how it all started. I remember complaining as we had gone from one end of London to the other. It seemed like too much trouble at that time but looking back now, I’m just grateful I did.

We started out as friends and I loved that he made me laugh and that he was goofy. He had always made his intentions known but I was too busy enjoying the chase and the attention. At the time, I had moved back to Nigeria, so we had a long-distance online relationship. Monsur had the persistence like no one I’d met before and it felt unreal. I was taken aback by his interest in me because he had barely known me and spent quality time with me.

Now the outfit change.

Nikkai Ceremony

In December of 2016, he flew six hours across the country to Nigeria on a pleasant surprise. The day he came, I was wearing a bubu and was sort of a mess but when I saw him in the car through the passenger window, he was gorgeous with a goofy smile. My heart skipped and I immediately regretted it. That visit sealed it as I was deeply convinced of his good intention. We soon became inseparable, late-night conversations, daily chats, FaceTime and everything. It wasn’t love at first sight for us, but it felt right, peaceful, serenely and like home. Yes, it felt like home and we are just glad to be walking this journey together.


Bride: @thanupechic
Photography: @bedgepictures
Makeup: @seggyssignature
Planner: @zeesevents
Crew: @mindmaze_wrgo @sykesjay

Dress: @huddaya
Veil: @huddaya
Shoes: @dunelondon
Makeup @zainabazeez
Stylist & Planner: @aarinksol @zeesevents
Crew: @mindmaze_wrgo @sykesjay

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