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We’ve Got the Bridal Beauty Look for You!

Let’s talk about your wedding glam!

Your bridal look is very important, it could easily up your overall look in a second. That’s why it is important to decide or talk about what you want way before your big day.

If you aren’t sure what you want yet? Let’s take a look at this beauty look by makeup artist, Edens Glam. She came through with the well-defined brows, glowing skin and the stunning glossy lips. Hairstylist, Lamis Hair gave us that perfect high-bun bridal hairstylist with the gold and silver hair accessories to complement it.

Let us know what you love about this look in the comments.





Makeup: @edens_glam
Hair: @lamishair
Earrings/accessories: @accessories_by_nini
Belle: @perla_models
Eyes/lip: @zaroncosmetics

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