This Bridesmaid & Groomsman Brought all The Ginger to The Reception Dancefloor!

They say one of the happiest days of a person’s life is on their wedding day. We most certainly agree. Finding the one your heart yearns for and finally starting a life with them is definitely a lot to be happy about. Now, seeing the people you care about experiencing this beautiful feeling is also a sweet different type of feeling.

Dance is one very beautiful expression of happiness. So, what better way to display that happiness than going all-in at your friend’s wedding! The #Williebel2021 wedding reception was so much fun! Filled with joy, their bridal party got on the dancefloor. Now, this groomsman and #BellaNaijaBridesmaid stepped on the floor with so much energy. With hot steps and undeniable rhythm, they swayed to the beats in beautiful synergy. We just can’t help but love their energy and vibes. Their playfulness and free-spirited spirit were so evident and contagious, we can’t help but catch it too! You should absolutely watch the video yourself to see why we’re so excited. Here’s a pro tip: Prepare to watch more than once! ?

Enjoy the video below:

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